5910 Westbrook Street SE
Magnolia, OH 44643

Track Manager
Robbie McCray

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The 2019 Schedule has been posted!
More events yet to come!

NEW TO 2019!
$10,000 32 Car No Prep Shootout
Battle off the Bottom Bulb
Top Bulb Takeover
UMTR + Index + 32 Box/Nobox Shootout
Last Man Standing $3,000
 (check race program link for more details)

Opening Weekend is May 3rd, 4th, 5th 2019.
See you all soon!

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Mike Donell- 2018 Track Champ + No Box Champ
Mary Provost- 2018 Box Class Champ + Points Leader
Mark Provost- 2018 No Box Points Leader
Dan Imhoff- 2018 Street Champ
Jerry Seibert- 2018 Dash for Cash Champ
With a heavy heart, we had to say goodbye to one of our very own. He and his family have been regulars at Magnolia for decades. Bobby was a great racer, and an even better person. We will miss seeing you pull in every single weeekend the gates were open.

 Rest in peace Bobby Williams. Godspeed.

No Prep Mania and Tad & Jim’s Dragway of Magnolia present the first of two no prep racing events for the 2019 racing season! This race will consist of 3 classes. Hard tire, diesel truck, and the feature event a 32 car $10,000 winner take all small tire class. 

To enter the small tire class you must pre-pay only $100.00 ($250.00 total) by Paypal and you will be added to the list. The $150.00 will be collected when you get to the track. 

Please send to JLIZER1321@YAHOO.COM as FRIENDS/FAMILY, in the notes PUT YOUR FULL NAME and YEAR/MAKE/MODEL of what you’re racing.
Once it’s full we can put your name on the alternates list in case someone drops out. 

Saturday July 20th 2019
$25 tech card for test and tune
$15 spectators
Kids 12 & under free

Gates open at 5:00PM
Drivers meeting will be at 7:00PM
First round will begin at 7:45

Small Tire:
1/8 mile
28 x 10.50 or smaller non "W" tire
Anything with doors (no chassis cars)
No wheelie bars
Prep puddle burnout only (no water)
$10,000 winner take all
Buy-in $250.00
PayPal to enter JLIZAR1321@YAHOO.COM
Please send as friends/family and in the notes please put your name and what car you will be driving

Hard Tire: 
200 minimum tread wear regular street treaded tires (no drag radials)
2WD Only
Prep puddle burnout only (no water)
Buy in $25.00 + $25.00 tech card fee (no buy-backs)
Guaranteed $600 with 16 entries on top of pot + 100% Payout 

Diesel Truck: 
No slicks allowed 
Prep puddle burnout only (no water)
Buy in $25.00 + $25.00 tech card fee (no buy backs)
Guaranteed $500 with 16 entries on top of pot + 100% Payout

Test/tune in between rounds. You may test and tune after youʼve been knocked out of
First round call outs (both parties have to agree)
Flash light start
Tree staging
Timing boards turned off (win light only)
Time slips cut
No test hits
Prep puddle burnout only (no water)

Sponsored by:
Street Racing Channel
Zeigler Diesel 
Canton Automotive Machine (CAMS)
Prestige Auto Spa
American Tire Center
Rankl & Ries Motorcars 
501 Perfect Converter Company 
Cyclone Transmission
Windy Hill Hardwoods
Redline Tuning LLC
DNR Auto

1. Billy Hoskinson - "NOSS10" SRC s10
2. Rob Meisch - FOX BODY MUSTANG
3. Christopher R Stewart - MALIBU WAGON "RALPH"
4. Robert Nau - 82 AMC SPIRIT
5. Ben Nau - 72 AMC GREMLIN 
6. Enoch Ball - 69 FIREBIRD
7. Tom Sewell - "SEABISCUIT" 240sx
8. Cory Brandon - 99 FIREBIRD
9. Brandon Haas - FOX BODY MUSTANG
10. C.J. Buckner - FOX BODY MUSTANG
11. Chris Karg - 65 NOVA
12. Perry Stanley - 68 NOVA
13. David Knight - 72 NOVA
14. Nick Michal - 79 FOX BODY MUSTANG
15. Robby Harper - 2013 gt500
16. Billy Brenick - FOX BODY MUSTANG 
17. Charles Trolio - 70 NOVA
18. Garth Lightfoot - 53 HENRY J
19. Nicholas Plewniak - "THE DIRTY 30"
20. Chris Pilato - 61 FORD FALCON
21. Brian Horsky - 4TH GEN CAMARO "El Chapo"
22. Mike Moss - 89 MUSTANG COUPE
23. Jim Nashwinter - 89 MUSTANG
24. Ray Salyers - 71 ELCO
25. Zachary Richardson - 70 NOVA "Convict"
26. Armand Safarian - FOX BODY MUSTANG 
27. Doug/Brian Keller - 80 FORD FAIRMONT 
28. Yosh Veljanovski - 79 MALIBU
29. Timothy Taylor - 91 CAMARO
30. Goran Stanisovski - 65 NOVA "Patches"
31. Aaron Duncan - 79 MUSTANG COBRA
32. Mike Rodino - 03 C5 VETTE

Alternate List: 
1. Justin Perkins
2. Marko Citizen
3. Doug Spaulding
4. Christopher Nau
5. Eric Manns
6. Mike Batdorff 
7. James Lizer

Announcement: Our track photographer Gary Miller passed away on April 27, 2018
RIP Gary, you will be missed by all.
You can still view all the photos he took on his website: