> SUNDAYS - Gates open at 10:00 a.m. - time trials begin at Noon - Eliminations around 2:30
> The spectator entry is $5 per person or $20 per car load (12 and under are free)

  • Box Class (0-7.99) - $35 entry fee
    This class is allowed to use delay boxes, crossovers and throttle stops

  • No Box Class (0 and up) - $35 entry fee
    This class is allowed trans brakes, two and three steps, air throttle and air shifters as long as they are not on a timer. Delay boxes are not permitted
  • Street Stock (any dial) - $20 entry fee
    Must be driven in with treaded tires - no treaded slicks

  • Box
    > $500 winner
    > $200 runner-up
    > $100 semi-finals (four cars)
    > $50 quarter finals (eight cars)

  • No Box
    > $500 winner
    > $200 runner-up
    > $100 semi-finals (four cars)
    > $50 quarter finals (eight cars)

    Note: Winner of Box and No Box run-off for an additional $500!

  • Street Stock Classes
    > Winner receives free race pass and $50 Cash!


  • Race entries can be purchased at the office - purchase car number after purchasing the race entry (if needed)
  • No break passes are provided - if your race vehicle breaks you can transfer your entry ticket to another vehicle (once per race day). Please notify the office of this change. 
  • A refund of the difference from a race entry to a spectator pass will be provided if you have not made a pass down the track that day.
  • Checks will be given to the winner and the runner-up
  • Double entries are permitted within the same class - this must be done when entering the gate.
  • Rain checks will be given if the second round of eliminations have not been completed.
  • Bye runs for first round will be drawn from all entry cards.After first round, bye runs will go to best reaction time - if there is a tie it will go to the racer closer to their dial-in.

One card will be drawn. The car that receives the buy has two options: 1) take the buy or 2) decline the buy and another card will be pulled - that car will receive the buy.


There will be one car chosen from each class.  The first week will be Sam Koble in Box Class and Mark Provost in No Box Class.  After the first week, each racer will be determined by pulling a random entry card from each class.  Anyone who takes the Bounty Driver out wins a free race pass.  If the bounty driver wins the race, then they will receive the free race pass.  

Buy backs are available for $20 to first round losers. If you would like to buy back you must come to the staging lanes when buy backs are called for the class you are running. We will collect the buy back fee in the staging lanes. Buy backs will run first until they are finished. If there happens to be one buy back car remaining then they will run the first car in the opposite lane from the winners lane. Buy back cars are not eligible to receive buy runs during the buy back round but may receive them in later rounds. 

The Dash for Cash will be ran after the first or second time trial depending on car count. The Dash for Cash has a $5 entry fee. The driver running closest to their dial-in without going under or red lighting will win. In case of a tie, the driver with the better reaction time will be the winner. The winning driver will receive $2.00 per driver entered. Every Dash for Cash winner also gets an entry into the $1000 Dash for Cash runoff.

To be determined by Track Manager.  If time allows, there will be 2 time trials and then the dash for cash.  Depending on the car count, there may be one time trial and then the dash for cash.  We do not want to run in the dark.  Eliminations will begin approximately between 3:00-3:15.  If you are in the lanes for a time trial and it is that time, then you will be sent back to the pits.  A 15 minute break for the track employees will be given and then eliminations will start. 
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