Additional Information

Race entries must be purchased at the office.

One crew member only on track with the car.

Break Pass issued BEFORE 1st round of eliminations.

Checks will be issued to the winners and runner-ups.

Double entries are permitted within the same class. This can be done at the office.

Rain checks will be given if the second round of eliminations have not been completed.

Buy backs are available for $20 if you lost in the first round of eliminations. Buy backs will be called to staging lanes first followed by class winners. A buy back will not be eligible for a bye run in the buy back round. If there is an uneven amount of cars then the last buy back car will run the first car in the second round winners.

When your class is called we will announce which lane to go to. Please do not come up until your class is announced.

Staging lanes one and three will run the pit lane. Staging lanes two and four will run the spectator lane. If all cars come up in one lane then the first car will go into that lane and the next car will move over and run the other lane.

The head of staging will pull you on to the track, please wait for their signal.

Bye Runs are pulled from first 10 cars.

If your car breaks or will not start you will be pushed out of the staging area and the car behind you takes your place. If you break once you have been pulled out, the car that was running you will get a bye run. This is not considered a bye, it is a break run.

All drivers must stay with their car in staging and be ready to race. If your engine is running, you must be in the seat. This goes for the pits as well as the staging area.

The starter has the right to disqualify any driver that they deem unsafe or is leaking fluid on the track.

Drivers and pit crew must conduct themselves in a sportsmanship manner.

If you have a complaint , we recommend that the driver speaks directly to the track official (not a friend, pit crew member or significant other, etc.)

The racer entry card must be completed and turned into the office prior to any time trials or eliminations.

Drivers are permitted to change classes before eliminations start but you must inform the office of any change.

Car number and dial-in must be on the driver side window and the passenger side of the front windshield. Ensure that both are legible for the tower staff to read. When the second car is staging you must be ready to race - dial-in cannot be changed.

Once drivers pass the post in the rear of staging - they cannot change lanes. 

Once the race begins drivers cannot change. They can only be switched in eliminations if the original driver loses first round and the second driver buys back into the buy back round. This driver must finish the race and cannot be switched.

The returned road speed limit is five miles per hour.

Street tire cars are not permitted to back down into the water box.

No drugs or alcohol are permitted. 

Drivers are not permitted to dial outside the time breaks of the class you are running.

Drivers running 8.00 or faster are required to wear a helmet.

Drivers running 7.35 or faster are required to have a roll bar.

Drivers must have all safety equipment.

When racing another vehicle - do not cut in front of the other car to get to the return road. Pit lane should exit the track first.

No passengers are permitted to go down the track .

All vehicles must have a working tail light.

Drivers are not permitted to slide or smoke front tires at the finish line. You will be disqualified. 

No burnouts at end of track when warming cars up before races.

 Any car 6.39 or quicker must have engine diaper.

Any car in No Box must wear helmet.


Reverse lock out on all automatic cars

Seat belts

Over flow bottle

Roll cage (0-7.35)

Cut-off switch (0-7.35)

Battery hold-down

Fuel line routing - 6-inch rubber max in one section

Helmet (0-8.00)

Neutral safety switch

Trans shield (0-7.35)

One working tail light

Approved fly wheel housing is required on all stick cars running solid cams or 0-7.35

Fire restraints on all open body cars

*** If you are dropping off items for a racer, you MUST PAY to enter. You will receive a special wristband and have to return to gate with wristband before 1st round in order to receive your entry refund. 

New Rules Added *see Rules & Regulations